Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Jesse Owens Annotated Bibliography

Student Resources in Context. Web. 14 Jan. 2015. This source provides information of how successful his running career was in the Olympics and in college. It shows how he had to quit running because he took money to run but even though his career in running was over he was forced to do plenty of other jobs. He worked with lots of young black children get out of the neighborhood by trying to help them get in athletics. He was a speaker for the Republican candidate and was good enough to start his own public relations firm. He was till an ambassador of sports.Elements, Matthew, and Mark Dryness. â€Å"Jesse Owens. † Undertaker. Encyclopedia of Alabama. 6 August 2007. 15 January 2015. This source proves that Jesse Owens not only was a great athlete but also that he was a winner off the track. He won tons of awards for speaking. He spoke to young teens all around the country and later on even started his own public relations firm. He was given the highest civilian award a person c an get in this country, the Congressional Gold Medal. He was an inspirational person to those in poverty ND a great teacher of those young athletes.He was a teacher that unofficially was a leader overseas and on the main land. Baker, William J. Jesse Owens: an American Life. New York. Collier Macmillan. 1986. Print. This source provides an insight into his life and the way he lived before and after all his great accomplishments. It shows how he changes the lives Of young athletes, a great speaker, and a great African American athlete that changed the sports world. He became a successful political man, talking for great political leaders in American history.Every part of his life was definitely an American, normal day life. Borden, Timothy. â€Å"Owens, Jesse. † Notable Sports Figures. 2004. Encyclopedia. Com. 19 January 2015. This source provides such information as to show that his personal feat in the Olympics was direct opposite of Doll Hitter's plan of racial superiority. He continued to give speeches of hard work, self-esteem, and dedication. He would later receive the presidential Medal of Freedom. His struggling times after the Olympics were tough but taught that no matter whatnot could succeed in life.

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