Thursday, January 23, 2020

Lee Jeans Advertisement Essay -- Advertising Marketing

Strength Every woman has gone through heartbreak at least once in her lifetime. Lee Jeans uses heartbreak to convince the audience of this advertisement to buy their jeans. In this Lee Jeans advertisement there are all different claims. The one that stands out the most is the claim of value. The advertisement shows support of this claim through the word usage and the picture representation. Lee Jeans wants to represent the " NEW LOOK FOR LEE" as the women?s jeans. Through the different use of symbols, the advertisement makes women think of times when they need to be strong. As a result of the symbols represented in this advertisement, the claim of value becomes more obvious. Although Lee Jeans has always been known for strong manly jeans, this company wants women to realize that there is nothing that can stop them from moving ahead and becoming strong. This is seen through the woman in the advertisement feminine jeans, manly boots, and the explanatory of the statement "SOMEWHERE AN EX- BOYFRI END IS FILLED WITH AN INCREDIBLE SENSE OF REGRET." Because of the past ideas of Lee?s Jeans being the "man?s jeans," the picture representation, along with the word usage, has to be powerful. This advertisement?s bland black and white coloring allows the audience to see right to the point the company is making. Using a lot of colors also shows that women do not need anything extra to make them strong. In the past, advertisements for women?s goods were usually very colorful. The colors were usually feminine pinks, purples, and yellows. Rather than using normal feminine colors, using black and white makes the advertisement stand for strength. The advertisement also shows a woman wearing Lee?s flare jeans and big boots. The company is sh... ...tomers. Lee Jeans Company uses the power and strength of getting over a past relationship to inspire their claim of value. The use of picture representation and strong wording convinces the reader of the advertisement to not only trust the Lee Jeans Company, but also to be a stronger woman. The advertisement uses symbols such as the woman in feminine jeans with her manly boots, the black and white background, the night setting, and the inspiring words to show women that they can be strong. This company recognized that if they wanted to get women?s attention, they would have to intrude on the emotions of women readers. Heartbreak affects so many people that this advertisement would intrigue any woman of any race or ethnic background. The Lee Jeans Company accomplishes the goal of making women recognize that nothing can hold them back while selling of their product.

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